Cleaning and care products

Cleaning and Care

Like all technology, your hearing aids require care and maintenance. Keeping your devices clean can help prevent wear and tear, extend the life of your technology, and keep you hearing clearly. Regular use of the following items can help ensure that your hearing experiences are second to none.

Perfect Clean

The first system to clean, dry and disinfect hearing aids. The PerfectClean® works with an antibacterial solution that disinfects and removes ear wax. The effect is stressed with the Vortex Power. Only 90 minutes per cycle and hearing aids will be totally cleaned, disinfected and dried. System automatically shuts off when the cycle is completed.

***Kit includes 1 refill solution.


  • Effectively removes earwax from hearing aid devices
  • Helps to prevent irritation
  • Maintains optimal performance of hearing aid devices
  • Easy to Use



A dehumidifier designed for the maintenance and storage of all types of hearing aids, this device is a chamber that dries and disinfects your hearing aids using ultraviolet rays. This UV exposure eliminates over 99 percent of fungi and bacteria, and greatly reduces itching and the chance of infections.

PerfectDry LUX

Dry & Store Global II

A drying and storage unit for nightly use with your hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, tinnitus maskers, and ear monitors. This active system combines heat, moving air, and a desiccant to absorb and release moisture from your hearing technology. The process takes eight hours and is best used at night while sleeping. After conditioning your hearing system, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically and acts as a storage unit for your devices.

Dry & Store

AGX Cleaning Spray

A cleaning spray specially designed to dissolve earwax quickly, which helps improve sound quality without damaging hearing aids. This spray also helps prevent skin irritation and eczema.

hearing aid cleaning spary

AGX Cleaning Wipes

These cleansing wipes contain a surface-active agent that is effective against earwax but doesn’t damage hearing aids, helping to facilitate the daily cleaning of your hearing aids.

Hearing aid cleaning wipes

Dry Caddy

A passive drying unit that helps protect against the damaging effects of moisture on both short-term and long-term performance of your hearing system. Dry Caddy uses a powerful, aggressive, and effective desiccant that absorbs moisture. This dehumidifier unit requires no energy to operate and has no dangerous chemicals.

Dry Caddy