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Earbuds and Monitors

Musicians who perform regularly need equipment that protects hearing from the rigors of the stage, and loud sounds in particular.

Tunz Custom Earbuds

Passion for music — either performing it or listening to it — is something we understand wholeheartedly. Hearing is our passion, and being able to clearly hear the music you want to listen to or perform makes all the difference. To do that, you need quality equipment and the finest clarity — exactly what Tunz custom-fit headphones and musician monitors offer.

Tunz offers both custom-fit headphones and stage monitors with superior sound quality, a comfortable fit, and precise technology to ensure your custom earbuds or monitors perform at a high level. The sound-isolating seal means that you hear less music-interrupting environmental noise, allowing you to listen at a comfortable level that won’t damage your hearing.

If you’re a musician or a music fan looking to enhance your overall performance or listening experience, please contact our office today and ask how custom-fit in-ear monitors can bring your music listening to life.

Tunz ear monitors