Hearing Aid FAQ


Q. What do I do to find out if I have hearing loss?

A. If you are curious about your hearing or want a baseline measurement, book an appointment for a hearing test and consultation.

Q. How much do hearing devices cost?

A. Hearing devices range in price from less than $1500 to slightly more than $4000 each. In Ontario, there are many agencies that help with the cost of hearing aids. Our consultation is free and it takes only an hour of your time with our hearing care professional to discuss your needs, prices and funding.

Q. How do I pay for the hearing devices?

A. A deposit is required at the time of the order and the balance is payable at the time of the hearing aid fitting. Cash, cheque and Visa/MC credit card payments are accepted. If you wish to finance your hearing device purchase, click here to link to our financing page.

Q. What does it cost to exchange my hearing device for something different?

A. During the trial period you can exchange your hearing devices. Most people who exchange their hearing aids do so because they want the benefits that come with larger or higher end hearing devices. At Global Hearing Aid Clinic, we charge only the difference in the cost of the hearing devices, which in some cases could even include a refund to the customer because the new hearing aids are less expensive.

Q. If I change my mind and don’t want to wear hearing aids, what does it cost to return them?

A. The standard trial period is 30 days. We do not charge a return fee during this period. If you choose to extend the trial period to as much as 90 days, you may still return the hearing aids with only a minor restocking fee which covers the costs of the clinic and hearing care professional’s time. See your hearing care professional for complete details.

Q. Is the refund fee lost forever?

A. Global Hearing Aid Clinic will gladly apply your return fee to a hearing device purchase any time within one year of the original purchase date. Most hearing devices are returned because someone is not mentally prepared to accept assistance to achieve better hearing or has encountered an unforseen health problem. But most of the same people are prepared within the year.