Jeffrey Switzer, M.S.

Audiologist, reg. CASLPO

With extensive experience in all facets of the hearing health care field, Jeffrey Switzer founded Global Hearing Aid Clinic, where he has been able to combine the science and art of audiology as well as his extensive knowledge of hearing instruments to find solutions for people with hearing loss.

As a baby, Jeffrey contracted spinal meningitis, which often causes hearing impairment. The illness left him with a moderately severe hearing loss in one ear — an outcome that led to a deep interest in audiology.

Jeffrey earned a Master of Science degree in audiology from Minot State University in North Dakota. He began his work experience in a busy private hearing aid clinic in British Columbia. There he gained an understanding of the range of issues faced by people with hearing loss and the impact it can have on family and friends. He also developed technical fitting skills with the digital hearing instruments that began coming into the market.

Jeffrey accepted the role of territory manager at a major hearing instrument manufacturer, where he was able to experience a new side of the hearing health care field, and further developed what he calls the “Art and Science of Audiology.”

This position allowed him to travel throughout North America and gain expertise in another aspect of the field of audiology, as Jeffrey learned firsthand what the best hearing aid service providers do. His work with a second manufacturer gave Jeffrey a deeper understanding of the unique features and advantages of various hearing devices.

While on the hearing aid manufacturing side of the business, Jeffrey continued to deliver many seminars on hearing loss and hearing aid technology to his colleagues. He also assisted in countless hearing aid fittings and follow-ups with his fellow audiology professionals. He also managed to find time to teach hearing instrument technology at George Brown College in Toronto.

When Jeffrey opened Global Hearing Aid Clinic in 2001, he made sure it would be a place where he could combine his extensive knowledge of people with hearing loss and their needs with his equally extensive knowledge of hearing devices.

From the start, Global Hearing Aid Clinic would put customers first by being a one-stop professional shop with the best hearing aid products and services. Today the tradition continues with an all-inclusive approach that covers the hearing test and results to the selection and prescription of an appropriate hearing instrument and the intense follow-up services that ensure customers have a successful experience with their hearing device.